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ST-C117-26-62                    12 March 1962

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s (JBK) trip to India and Pakistan: New Delhi, Delhi, India, arrival. 

Please credit "Cecil Stoughton. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston"

Creating a Media Gallery on Jacqueline Kennedy’s Trip to India and Pakistan: An Inside Look

  by Colleen Cooney, Digitization Specialist Fifty years ago this month, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy traveled to India and Pakistan. Although the trip was not an official State visit, Mrs. Kennedy attended various functions as an official representative of her husband, President Kennedy. Our new media gallery, which draws together museum artifacts, audiovisual assets, and…


Parsing Processing

  by Stephen Plotkin, Reference Archivist Having brought our Declassification staff in to dispel some of the obscurity that surrounds their work, we thought we should put that work in the larger context of archival processing as a whole.  To that end, we asked the leader of our processing unit to explain what she does.…


Speaking Archives

  by Stephen Plotkin, Reference Archivist There is a rueful thought that, in one form or another, crosses the minds of all archivists at some point in their careers:  These things I take care of – these documents, these files – have more of a voice than I do. Scholars, writers, journalists, lawyers, individuals with…