What do we Have Here?

by Stephen Plotkin, Reference Archivist

In case you missed the announcement, the Kennedy Library is busily working to digitize its holdings.  We’ve made a lot of headway with our photographs, but an interesting by-product of this effort are those moments when we look at a photo, sit back in our chairs, and say “who are these people?”  Or sometimes “WHERE are these people?”

So now we are going to put the question to any of you who might happen to saunter by this blog.  Below we’ve posted some images.  Can you tell us what it is we don’t know about them?  And can you tell us how you know that?

To start with, here’s a cute picture from the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, dated April 3, 1961.  But who are these guests in the fuzzy bunny ears?

White House Easter Egg Roll, April 3, 1961

Here’s another case of unidentified participants:

Football Hall of Fame Dinner in New York City December 5, 1961


The occasion is the Football Hall of Fame Dinner in New York City, December 5, 1961.

We know who the fellow in the middle is.  We also know that White House Army Signal Agency staff members Jack Rubley and John J. Cochran are on the far left and third from left, in back, respectively.  But who are the others?  The place is Room 805, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City.

Here’s a hard one:

Tazewell Shepard, Chester Clifton, General Douglas MacArthurThat’s pretty evidently Air Force 1 in the background.  And we know most of these people.  Naval Aide to the President Captain Tazewell T. Shepard, Jr. is on the left.  Next to him is Military Aide to the President General Chester V. Clifton.  General Douglas MacArthur is wearing the white hat.  But who is the man on the right?  And where was this photograph taken?  The occasion is the 20 July 1961 Luncheon for General MacArthur.

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  1. Jim Maye says:

    On right of General MacArthur is his aide, Courtney Whitney.

  2. Dallas says:

    You should have updated this post with the new info you posted out there

    1. kabramson says:


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